Who We Are

Creating A Space For Those Ready To Build A Better Tomorrow


Project Vanguard is a new online open and free virtual space for the Muslim youth to share thoughts, experiences and reflections that impacts our world. Ranging from politics, media, arts, spirituality, health and diet, childcare and much more.

Through this space we aim to nurture the next generation of talented writers, thinkers and leaders.


Our Values


1. Strong mentorship focus.

We welcome any Muslim youth who has something to say and a commitment to develop and grow.

If this sounds like you, we can help you master your craft and shape you into becoming a powerful writer, regardless of your writing ability or background. Get in touch.

2. Committed to be ethically funded.

We want to be largely funded by our members. Not by advertisers and not by large investors. Nor do we exist to increase our profit margin.

This enables us to have full editorial independence.

3. Thoughtful and measured. Not reactive.

We are not here to feed and profit from the latest breaking news. Our focus is the long game. We aim to inspire and inform others to understand the underlying forces that shape our views, their nuances, identity and world.

We focus on the climate, not the weather.

3. Against over-simplification of ideas and perceptions.

Current media is saturated with stereotypes and cliches designed to make people consume rather than understand. It takes time to focus on what is relevant in a complex situation over just what is trending at the time.

This helps give young writers time to grow, explore journalistic dilemmas, ensuring transparency and fact-checking.

4. Explicitly subjective.

The principle of objectivity in media is rarely ever achieved. Sometimes, the “other side” is used  only to reinforce the intended agenda bias.

We choose a different methodology. We want our writers to be fair and independent, but most of all authentic. As a platform, we want to host all kinds of voices and we want those voices to be transparent in who they are. Consequently, the reader knows the writer is not trying to be someone they are not.

In this embrace and respect of difference, we believe, real debate can happen and people can decide for themselves.

5. Constructive writing and commentary.

We do not want people to feel cynical and powerless or happy-clappy and de-attached. We don’t want to shy away from the controversial or simply embrace ideas for being different.

We aim to empower people with perspectives, solutions and insights that have real-world value. And where necessary, we aim to hold a mirror up to the world to provoke the questions needed to be asked.

7. Championing diversity.

We will actively strive to ensure our growing writers are as diverse as the global Muslim youth is. Although many of our content will involve ethnicity, sect or sociological and cultural paradigms, we will not be tied down to them.

8. Upholding the privacy of our supporters

Weather you are supporter, contributor or just curious, we will always treat your private and personal information in a responsible and sensitive manner.

What To Get Involved?

Great! There are a number of ways you can help our vision happen:

  1. Join us on Facebook and Twitter
  2. Got something you want to say? Try sending us an article pitch here.
  3.  Set up a regular donation via our Patreon page. Even $1 per month can make a massive difference. The video below explains how Patreon works and how it is help us making our vision a reality.