Piers Morgan – A Young Muslim Mother’s Response

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Following the terrorist incident in Manchester, Piers Morgan asserted his thoughts in an emotional piece for the Daily Mail. Clearly angry and seeking answers he declared, “the Manchester murderer may have been a ‘lone wolf’, but I refuse to believe nobody knew anything. As Trump said, Muslims must drive. Them. Out”.

Piers admitted he was writing in a fit of “blind rage”. Possibly pre-empting accusations of bigotry he also stated, “It’s not offensive or racist or bigoted or wrong to ask decent, law-abiding Muslims to do more to tackle this growing menace.”

Sorry Piers, but this young Muslim mother disagrees. You, and those like you who consider it acceptable to state that Muslims should be doing more, are bigots.

It is rather embarrassing to see out of touch middle class figures such as yourself declaring your frustration with political correctness simply to score points with disaffected white, working class folk. Being politically incorrect is no longer bold and brave – rather it has become boring, echoing the same old mantra as that disgruntled old man at the bus stop. And, if as you state, your rage is “blind”, it is probably better for you to allow it to develop into a more informed rage before you spew your blindness in the Daily Mail.

Let’s presume you actually have a point. Do you have solid evidence that we Muslims are not doing enough before you claim we should be doing more, beyond saying “well someone must know”? I didn’t think so.

Alternatively, let us assume that there are some people who did recognise signs of radicalisation (whatever these are) in this killer. Why assume these individuals are always from the Muslim community? Why assume that his friends, neighbours and work colleagues must only be Muslims? What about the non-Muslims who surrounded this individual?

Furthermore, even if we do assume there are Muslims who knew him and did nothing, why would you target blame and responsibility to the whole of the Muslim community?

We would love to “step up, expose and name and shame” those sadistic terrorists. However contrary to your delusions Piers, we Muslims don’t have inside knowledge regarding other Muslims and we don’t all know each other. I can only conclude from this that you are at the very least, subconsciously Islamophobic.

However, you’re right about one thing – we Muslims do have an interest in tackling pseudo-jihadist terrorism but it isn’t simply because Muslims are the biggest targets and victims of ISIS. Unlike you, our rage isn’t solely for our own community. We care about all human lives, regardless of religion. The fact is that ISIS represent a heresy in the religion of Islam. We will continue to speak out about their deviation, but not in order to pander to your Islamophobic mindset. We do it because our faith commands us to.

Mr Morgan, please allow me to enlighten you.

Currently, the extremist ideology of ISIS is being refuted in our mosques, Islamic courses, study circles and online. A few quick searches on YouTube will demonstrate this to be true. Need some help? Please find out what the following popular Muslim figures persistently say about pseudo jihadist groups such as ISIS: Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, Nouman Ali Khan, Mufti Ismail Menk, Dr Shabir Ally and many others, including less well known Muslim teachers. Even Haitham Al Haddad, someone who is often criticised as an extremist, consistently urges British Muslims not to join ISIS by refuting their ideology as un-Islamic. I should also mention the countless Islamic institutes which repeatedly condemn ISIS as heretics including the main Islamic universities: Al Azhar University in Cairo and Madinah University in Saudi Arabia, both of which have released statements countering ISIS as deviants to the faith of Islam.

Perhaps, whilst you get your head around that, you can explain why you find it so difficult to weed out the far-right nut-jobs that claim to represent your civilization’s values.

In the meantime we will continue with our efforts, evidently without your knowledge. True Muslims don’t do things for PR or for appreciation, we do it to bring about some practical and positive changes into the world. After all, it is the everyday deeds of ordinary folk which keep evil at bay.

Juveriah Alam is a full-time mother and a graduate in LLB Law from the University of Central Lancashire. Her interests include politics, current affairs and has a keen interest in Islamic Law.

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