On Her 17th Birthday, Ahed Altamimi Remains A Symbol of Resistance Against Israeli Child Abuse

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Many activists in Palestine and around the world are celebrating the 17th birthday of Ahed Attamimi. While her birthday’s candles are flamed outside, Ahed spends her birthday in the darkness of detention.

More than twenty Israeli patrols, arrested Ahed late on the night of 18 December 2017 in the village of Nabi Saleh near the occupied City of Ramallah. The same forces arrested Nariman al-Tamimi, her mother, while she was on her way to find out the status of her daughter, who was arrested that day. Moreover, The Israeli forces arrested her father Bassem al-Tamimi from the courtroom while attending his daughter’s trial session, a day after her arrest.  This arrest followed by a video of Tamimi slapping an Israeli soldier that went viral. She did this after the soldier stormed into her house and shot her fifteen year old cousin, Mohammed Tamimi.

Ahed is a 17 years old Palestinian girl. She grew up in Alnabi-Saleh village, which known as one of the leading villages in the anti-settlement movement. The village has provided many martyrs, wounded and detainees of men, women and children. It is clear that the rights of children in particular in this village have been assaulted by the Israeli occupation. The mayor of the village, Bashir  Al-Tamimi, highlighted at an interview for Al Jazeera  in 2012 to the phenomenon of targeting the children of the village in particular, through repeated arrests over participating in demonstrations. He points out that in recent months he witnessed 12 cases of children detentions, rang between days and months. Moreover, according to Bashir , the most complaints of children in the detentions, that they are subjected to handcuffs to the back and blindfolds, and long waiting hours in detention centers and  in the courtroom.

It seems that Ahed hasn’t been able to accept this bitter reality, she hasn’t endured the restrictions of the occupation, which are narrowing day by day, suffocating her freedom. She hasn’t been able to bear the harassing of the Israeli settlers and depriving the villagers of their land. So, if you search for her name on YouTube you will find many videos of Ahed as a little girl, crying loudly, screaming in the face of soldiers and pull them away from her mother and the people of her village while they are trying to arrest them.

For her courage she had been honored with the “Handala for courage” award while she was a little girl in Turkey at Istanbul, and met then Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and his wife.

Ahed didn’t  accept the idea that the occupation prevents her to achieve her own dream to be a global football player. As Ahed said in an interview on the channel “Fosna Sabeel” on YouTube, “If there was no occupation I would be a football player”, as she cleared, the occupation  listed her as prohibited from traveling abroad.

Up to now, no judgment has been issued in Ahed case, and the only guilt for this girl is defending her village and her home from continuous assault by Israeli soldiers.

Ahed is not the only child who is suffering from the Israeli occupation violations of children’s rights. However, the International Committee for the Defense of Children – Palestine (PCDD) revealed that 81% of the Palestinian children detained by the Israeli occupation were subjected to naked inspection, also, data collected by DCI between January and June of last year showed that the Israeli occupation forces offered two thirds of the children arrested to verbal abuse, humiliation and intimidation. According to data from the Israel Prison Service, the number of children arrested at the end of May of 2017 was 331.

This is one example of the horrible and brutal Israeli acts for the Palestinian people, who are waiting for anyone to support them and save their lives and dignities, but unfortunately no one could really help.

Shatha Zghayer is 23 years and from Palestine. She is a content creator for English and Arabic content and holds a BA in English and French. Interested and debates in human cases and religious matters, with a keen interest in journalism and the media world.

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