Islam Wants Us to Leave a Legacy. Shouldn’t We Answer it’s Call?

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Many of us know exactly who we want to be and what we want to achieve when we’re older. Others are not able to think so far ahead. When it is time to decide they fall into the trap of choosing a career from careers advice, family or by the motivation of monetary goals. This is the trap I fell into.
After getting accepted into Cardiff Law School; I always knew I would be a Lawyer (I mean, it is pretty clear in the name, right?). It was not until my 2nd year of University that I sensed that this career path was no longer going to fulfil me as a person. After attending countless careers meetings and encountering upon many legal experiences. I was able to dodge the career path that was particularly dictated by my degree.

Throughout this journey of choosing a career I blindly dismissed the fact that we have all been created with different abilities and talents. I realised the importance of asking my creator to guide me into something that was fitting for me. It was only through consistent du’aa and seeking guidance from Allah swt that I surprisingly got accepted onto a PGCE course.

It was not until I started the PGCE, that I appreciated my inner strengths. Allah swt, paved a way for me to delve into a path where I was using my strengths and abilities. He swt, needed me to become a teacher so I can relate and understand the needs of others. He swt, needed me to become a teacher so that I can use my patience on those who need it most. He is ultimately using me to bring the best out of young children.

From this experience, I was able to see that Allah chooses those whom he wants in certain places and uses them only for the unique qualities that they have.

The greatest example to ever live on this Earth.

Prophet Mohammed (SAWS), he was the truthful one (Al Ameen) the most trustworthy and honest person. He, may peace and blessings be upon him, was chosen to be the one to spread the Message of Islam. His qualities complimented his goal and purpose in life. From this example we can learn that a habitual liar would never be able to spread a religion that is growing so fast; only the truthful messages are capable of being the fasted growing messages to be spread.

A career path should not be selected by enrichment of financial stability or one dictated by the status it has in society (ie. Doctors/ Lawyers/ Engineers). Yes, of course it is essential to become financially stable. But what about one’s talent or skills? That should be the primary focus for a successful choice.

If everyone was to follow one career path it would in essence result in everyone getting the same amount of pay. If everyone got the same amount of pay, we would be living in a rationing state. Life would become artificial; disregarding the value and contribution of an individual person to society. Essentially making life pretty aimless.

The aim is not to be mediocre, but to be EXTRAORDINARY!

Mohammed (saws) was the extraordinary!

He has over 1.8 billion followers today.

Being the extraordinary will impact our Ummah and It will impact your hereafter! The Prophet (saws) utilised and valued people based on their strengths. We should do the same with ourselves and others. A Human being can only do so much in this life. Not everyone will be promoted in the work place. Not everyone will gain a scholarship to peruse their talents. But by seeking your true talents you can come to the top of your field and excel.

The only thing that will live after us is the legacy that we leave behind.


Have you thought about what legacy will you leave behind?

An unusual du’aa was made by Prophet Suleman (AS) this is what really inspired me to make du’aa.

Suleman (AS) called out to Allah: Master forgive me, and give me the gift of kingdom, give me the gift of some kind of kingdom. That is not even appropriate for any human being after me to have that kind of kingdom. You are the one who continuously gives gifts. (38:35 Quran)

He asked for the greatest kingdom – a wordly related du’aa, he wanted something that is isn’t even fitting for anyone else. He wanted something unique.

So, what kind of Kingdom did Allah (swt) grant him? What legacy has he left?

Suleman (AS) was granted the Kingdom whereby he governed the wind and the Jinns. He re-built Masjd Al-Aqsa, a holy legacy that will surely live on forever; the life long link between Al Aqsa and the Great Mosque of Mecca which are both sacred places of worship in the heart of all Muslims. This is the legacy he has left.


Sadaqah jariyah beyond giving money

Ask Allah for the gift of something, something that you will leave behind in this world that no other human being after you can have it. Somethings that’s special to you and unique to your quality and character.

Remember that there is not even a DNA cell in our body that can be duplicated. Find your unique quality that Allah has given to you, so that you can be the best version of yourself.


How will this benefit society around us?

  1. Enjoyment is motivation: If you have a particular enjoyment or talent in your work. You will be happy. Your work will be fulfilling to your emotional, physical and social These needs will be met and you will find self-contentment in doing actions that make you happy.
  2. High performance standards: It goes without saying that, when you are talented in something your performance will be exceptional in comparison to those that take longer to complete a task that you have a talent in. The time, energy and intellect will be at a higher level and reduces frustration in the work place. This is how you can grow in your field and become the best version of yourself.
  1. Creating change: The best kind of idealism is when it has real and pragmatic impacts. As a result of using your talents you will be the best person in your field to create change, develop the organisation/company and transform your individual success. You will be in a better position for creating change in your work environment because of the higher status you will attain by being talented in your field.

We need to be confident in ourselves as an Ummah. We need to peruse and aim high in life because we are the best of nations. We need to be proud of who we are and assure ourselves that we will be successful because we are the believers.

Allah swt said. In Surah Asr (103:2-3) Indeed, mankind is in loss. Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

We don’t need to stoop down to the realms of the secular society because we are granted success if we believe; we will not be at loss.

It will be more possible for us to achieve our goal and ultimately unite as an Ummah especially if we focus on ourselves and our own skills and talents; avoiding competition with one another. This will enable us to unite with each other. If every Muslim became successful in their field, Muslims will be more equipped to unite. Every Muslim will be at the top of each field and we will be able to stand strong together.

Instead of following the game dictated by society. Let’s drive forward and play the game using our own strengths and talents. Let’s support each other and encourage each other to be the best version of ourselves. This is when our Ummah will truly succeed because Muslims will be at the top of each and every field.

Leave that legacy that will benefit our Ummah and your Qiyamat!

Shuhani Shohid is a Law Graduate who has particular interests in self-development. She is a Young Ambassador for DofE Wales and a PGCE student who believes in a growth mindset in nurturing the next generation.

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