PODCAST: How “Halal” is our Halal Meat?

Halal Meat: We eat it all the time, but do we ever think of the consequences? We explore this growing controversial issue and ask how should a Muslim approach it.     Follow Project Vanguard on Facebook and Twitter

May 13, 2017 858 0 0

PODCAST: Why Has May Called A Snap Election & Will It Pay Off? – #GE2017

The British Prime Minister has called for the dissolution of Parliament and a snap General Election on 8th June. We discuss why she has made this sudden move, if it will pay off and if the Muslim community is ready for such a challenge?  

April 25, 2017 930 0 0

PODCAST: British Muslim Reflections Over The Westminster Attack

Despite a lack of pressure towards the Muslim communities, the position that many has left the Muslim communities divided of how they should respond. This podcasts takes a look this debate and lessons we should glean for the future.

April 5, 2017 639 0 0

PODCAST: Refugees Welcome – 3 Demonstrations Rock London in 2017

Imran Shah is joined with Moazzam Begg from Cage Prisoners, John Rees from Stop The War and Shamuel from Friends of Al-Aqsa.

March 31, 2017 574 0 0

PODCAST: Is Muslim Entrepreneurship Undergoing a Revolution?

Imran Shah explores the massive changes in demographics and mindset of entrepreneurship in the Muslim communities.    

March 14, 2017 613 0 0