Tanween: The Whole Earth is a Library & the Reader is Not an Alien

Follow Project Vanguard on Facebook and Twitter.  The miracle of the Qur’an was the greatest cultural breakthrough in the history of humanity. The Qur’anic discourse was able to move the simple ignorant man to the center and master of the world in less than three decades. The secret of this miracle and its key was a whisper in […]

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The Oversized Coat: The Palestinian Film That Talks About My Life

Follow Project Vanguard on Facebook and Twitter.  I thought of the name of the film, “Oversized Coat”. “It is unfamiliar but an interesting, good choice”, I whispered to myself. Enthusiastically, I went to watch the film that talks about the issue of my homeland. On my way, I imagined the scenes that will be covered by this film, including […]

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