PODCAST: Is Muslim Entrepreneurship Undergoing a Revolution?

Imran Shah explores the massive changes in demographics and mindset of entrepreneurship in the Muslim communities.    

March 14, 2017 614 0 0

Where are the Muslim millionaires?

Muslim Entrepreneurship: Its Role in the Movement Everything needs provision. Whether it be the projects we start, the institutions we run, the family unit we raise and sustain, or life itself. Therefore, the need for finance and entrepreneurialism cannot be underestimated when it comes to achieving equality and promoting justice in the world. Before we […]

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Why Muslim activism is the biggest threat to the global status quo

There are two things that power structures tend to do: 1) avoid accountability, and 2) try to keep the power they have. This is particularly so if they have something to hide and are up to no good. It’s no secret now that Western government officials from various nations are involved in arms trade contracts […]

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Muslims need to understand systemic White Privilege before we can counter it

For a long time now anti-racism movements in the West have struggled to explain to white people that people of colour aren’t asking for any favours from this society, but just the same equality and privileges that fellow white citizens have. Despite this being a century-long manifestation, this phenomenon has only recently been coined as […]

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Brothers, we need to talk about how we treat our sisters

No other ideology is more explicit about the value and dignity invested in women than Islam. In our history there’s a rich record of Muslim women in public life and especially in scholarly pursuits. Thousands of names come to mind but to name a few: Ibn Taymiyyah received hadith from numerous women and held them […]

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Nine political priorities for Muslims in 2017

With Muslims suffering from state Islamophobia and oppression, Imran Shah comes up with nine practical ways that Muslims can make a difference in 2017. 2016 has been bad, yes, but no one has suffered more than Muslims. So if we want to start getting ourselves out of this mess here are my recommended priorities for […]

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